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What’s Fun While in Austin for F1 Grand Prix

Austin has transformed itself into Disney World for adults! People flock to the "Live Music Capital of the World" to see music, enjoy food (BBQ) and now to experience events such as F1 and even the X Games. Austin has been the only stop on the F1 tour in the United States for quite a few years now, and has quite the eco-system built around it, but...

What's Fun While in Austin for F1 Grand Prix?

  1. When in Austin, eat! - Austin is where taco's meet barbecue. It's absolutely impossible to come to Austin and not enjoy some of the amazing food that chef's from all over the world are preparing daily within the city. In fact, we encourage you to never eat the same thing twice, and make sure you always try a new, local spot that is only in Austin. There are tons! It's impossible to name the best, but for tacos, try Taco Deli, Torchys, and for breakfast, don't miss Juan in a Million! For BBQ, Franklin and La Barbecue stand above the rest as the most popular, but this meat will cost you as there is always a good wait. Terry Black's is a great third option if you don't feel like driving too far out of town.
  2. When in Austin, explore! - Austin's weather in the Fall is the best time of the year for the city. A slight amount of its humidity will fade away and allow for breezy days followed by cozy evenings. Find your way to the greenbelt and at least think about jumping in! There are tons of outdoor activities like SUP on Lady Bird Lake, biking on town lake trail, watching the bats on Congress bridge, and even venturing out to one of the many state parks for a hike.
  3. When in Austin, jam! - Austin is the Live Music Capital and don't you forget it. If you're here for F1, there will be nightly concerts at the Circuit of the America's track, but venture into town and you will find a whole new scene with live music on almost every block. Some of your favorites are likely to be playing, while exploring new bands is easier and just as rewarding. Patio's can be great places for finding an acoustic set while Emo's, Hotel Vegas, and Stubb's host a variety of shows!

best-activities-experience-austin-f1-grand-prix-2No matter what you find yourself getting into, know that all of Austin can be experienced from the air by taking one of our many helicopter tours! Specifically take note of our 51Tour Speed Demon tour that includes Austin and the COTA track from the air! Austin sunsets from our Flying Armadillo are one of kind and our charters are great way to quickly find your way to Saltlick Barbecue!

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